2Kool Productions is a Studio run by KOOL SKULL and his intimate circle of magnificently talented associates in Los Angeles, CA.

Unique Stylistic Concepts:

Maximalistic Minimalism: In all projects, maximum dynamic should be extracted from minimal resources. Why should things be so expensive? Why should things be so detailed? Every project is different. Every idea being communicated is different, but when communicating ideas, the bare minimum production is sufficient as long as the idea is translated as clearly as possible.

Glitch Art: Surreal visuals of broken digital files and intentionally damaged videos. we like this funky stuff and if you don’t, then okay seeya.

Pixel Art: Digital art should totally be done with pixels, just make a real painting if you really want high resolutions.

Open Source Software: Open Source software helps create a world where anyone with access to the tools to run the software, has a chance to build, create, invent and freely develop anything they can imagine. 2Kool Productions seeks to eventually develop and publish Open Source Software and eventually Hardware as well. The best charity we can provide to the world is free access to creative tools so people can build what they want and pave their own path.

Genre-based expectations are BULLSHIT: Among the many sub-genres and sub-cultures populating the multitude of social scenes, few of them are friendly to surrounding, or remarkably similar sub-cultures. This is stupid and just as stupid as political division, which we hope you also assume is silly. Our team of Magnificently Talented Artists will seek to challenge stylistic expectations of the audience.

Digital Liberty from Central Authoritarians: We actively use Monero XMR coins for the majority of studio processes. If you would like to support our independent project anonymously, send XMR to: 46gf1ffwKSKZwitZKbhZTdNuzhAb9hQQnWPo258Jdov2CLF5nN7zQYye9JEWuzz8kLR54qY96hD4o83d73uG3e91HTuyeMQ