since 2007, we have been making mini games and experimental interactive experiences. Since the brutal and unexpected assassination of our beloved language Actionscript 2, Game development has taken a back seat in overall production at 2Kool productions. Within the last eight years, our team has managed to pursue research and development on up-to-date software and game engines, languages, and experimental development tools.

Graciously, Imagination Rabbit Studios has provided our R&D department with Unexpected grants in order to tenaciously bang our proverbial heads against the wall in search of the necessary workflow.

Deciding which stack of tools to use is a very PAINFUL process. Our research has managed to build test games in practically every engine imaginable within the Open-Source or Independent Developer space.

We hope to eventually build our own in-house game engine, but currently 2Kool productions implements a workflow with Blender and Unity. Other tools being tested are Microstudio, Defold and Godot.

2K4D Racer is the first finished mini game launched built off of a very well designed template built on Microstudio. KOOL SKULL took the demo game and added his own animated pixel art in order to see how quickly a finished project could be set up in Microstudio.

Click here to plat 2K4D Racer!

We have many more things in the works, but nothing worthy of presenting to the unwashed masses as of yet. we hope to reveal our more complicated projects as soon as we have found a cross-platform method worthy of our full attention and absolute allegiance.